Mobile Notary Public Services

Today is a different day because you will get to learn more and even much more about notary services as well as notary certifies acknowledgements. To start with, it is very important for you to understand that Notary public services are offered by a legally state commissioned body or persons. They are public officers constituted by law to serve the public in most of the non-contentious matters that are usually concerned with estates, deeds, foreign and international business. Their main functions are to administer affirmations and oaths, Jurats, take necessary affidavits and statutory declarations, witness and also authenticate the execution of different classes of documents, take acknowledgement of deeds, provide notice of foreign drafts and also to protest notes and bills of exchange.

Mobile notary public services as the name suggests offers services on the go. They will visit you at your place of work, home, hospitals rooms, or even jail. They will save you from a lot of traveling and you can stand assured that you will get quality services at the convenience of your current locations without having to move an inch. Let’s look into some of the notary services offered by mobile notary public service into details:

– Jurat Execution.
A jurat applies to that part of an affidavit which contains the names of the parties swearing the affidavit and further shows the actual statement that an oath or affirmation has been made, the person before whom it was sworn, the correct date, location and all other necessary particulars that pertains to the affidavit. This attests to the truthfulness of the document and is signed in the notary’s presence.

– Oaths and Affirmations.
An oath is a statement, or a promise or even a fact calling upon someone that the oath maker considers to be very sacred, usually God, as a witness to the binding nature of the truth of the statement or fact. An oath is usually made by swearing thus making it a solemn vow. Affirmation on the other hand refers to a declaration that is usually permitted, who might object conscientiously to taking an oath. It has an exact similar legal effect as an oath but is generally taken in order to avoid religious implications of the oath. For this reason, it is therefore legally binding but it is not considered as a religious oath.

– Notarization of Documents.
Notarization documents are documents which have been authenticated. It refers to documents which have been duly signed by someone authorized to administer oaths, or certify documents and attest to the authenticity of the signatures. Documents that are notarized include: title deeds, contracts, and other types of agreements. Notary services activities are carried out by a notary or rather a lawyer who holds legal training and licensed by the state to perform legal affairs especially witnessing signatures on documents.

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